Web and FTP stats are usually offered in the standard web hosting service. They will reveal to you how your sites behave in terms of popularity and visits, that will help you improve different sections or adapt an advertising campaign. There are many pieces of software with which you can keep an eye on the traffic to an Internet site and while some of them are more specific, there is a fundamental amount of information they all present. This includes the everyday and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or via a third-party website, the most visited webpages, and so on. This sort of data can provide you with an idea of where most of the traffic comes from or which pages are more preferred, to help you take measures and improve the content on the other pages or start promoting in another way, so that you can bring up the number of visitors and the time they stay on the site. Consequently, this will permit you to get the maximum profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Cloud Hosting

The Webalizer and AWStats applications, offered with all of our cloud hosting plans, will provide you with detailed by the hour, everyday and month-to-month reports concerning the number of website visitors on any website hosted inside your account. You will be able to access this information with several clicks from your Hepsia Control Panel and see neat graphs and tables. You'll be able to save/download them, if required. The reports provide far more than just the amount of visits, though - you can monitor the span of time the site visitors spent on your Internet site, the first and the last page they opened, the pages that got most hits, the visitors’ IPs and location, the referring search engines, the keywords which were used, and so forth. This information will provide you with a much better perception of how your sites are performing and which sections have to be boosted, together with info about the success of any promotional initiatives you may be running.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated plans feature a couple of applications which will provide you with a detailed picture of the efficiency of all the sites hosted in your account. They are known as AWStats and Webalizer, and they'll make available to you all the data that you may need. The info is rather thorough, so apart from the conventional monthly, everyday and hourly site visitor stats, you shall also be able to monitor things such as the most popular first and last page seen by your visitors, the search engines which sent them to your site along with the keywords they were searching for, the web browser and the OS they were using, plus much more. Having this data will enable you to determine which aspects of the Internet site perform worse than the others, which enables you to take measures and improve the content, in order to make it more appealing to visitors. You may also modify your marketing and advertising campaigns accordingly to raise the incoming traffic to these webpages.