The network capacity of a web server determines how rapidly your Internet sites will open and how many people will be able to visit them all at once. Of course, this is not the only factor, but it is an extremely significant one. On the one hand, regardless how optimized a certain website could be, bad connectivity means low loading speeds or even service interruptions, especially if just one Internet provider is used to access the server. However, a superb connection with lower capacity will allow only a small number of visitors to check out the Internet site concurrently, while new visitors shall have tough time loading any content. In this sense, the success of your site relies upon not simply on the content, but also on the site’s accessibility and loading speed. These two factors are influenced by the connection that the hosting server uses.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Cloud Hosting

You shall never experience any difficulties with the access to any Internet site hosted in a cloud hosting account on our sophisticated cloud platform. How quickly your visitors shall be able to surf the specific site shall depend entirely on their Internet connection, because the data centers in which our web servers are located offer multi-gigabit connectivity and use dependable backbone providers to ensure fast and consistent access to all the web servers. The data centers also have direct optical fiber connections to many large cities in North America, Europe and Australia, so in case you host your websites with us, you will enjoy a fantastic Internet site loading speed from any location worldwide. We use highly effective, high-quality network equipment to make sure that there will not be delays of any type whenever someone opens your website.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our state-of-the-art website hosting platform’s multi-gigabit capacity will ensure uninterrupted access to your Internet sites 24/7 and without any delays. How fast the visitors will open any site you host within a semi-dedicated server account shall depend on their own Internet connection, as we don't limit the incoming and the outgoing speeds in the slightest. Our Chicago-based data center’s terabit fiber-optic connection to both the East Coast and the West Coast will enable you to reach millions of users and prospective customers from North America effortlessly. Hardware firewalls shall stop any unwanted traffic to the web servers to guarantee that the channel capacity is used for legitimate traffic, while a number of Internet providers and a redundant network created with the latest hardware guarantee that your sites will be reachable at all times.